CAI publishes the statistics for 2019

Thursday, May 28, 2020

This year too, the Commission for International Adoptions is publishing, with the collaboration of the Istituto degli Innocenti, the annual report on international adoption procedures undertaken and completed throughout 2019.

The report focuses on the data held by the Commission for International Adoptions, contained in the files of foreign minors authorized to enter and to reside permanently in our Country for adoption purposes.  The overall analysis of the figures collected on the procedures of international adoptions undertaken and completed throughout the past year, outlines quite a complex picture which confirms a general downward trend –already recorded in previous years- yet showing significant differences among the different Countries.

From a general standpoint, the datum which appears to be very clear is the progressive decline of procedures completed, along with the number of minors who received the authorization of entrance for adoption purposes, with an almost 50% drop compared to 2015 figures. Nevertheless, within this trend there are significant differences, depending on the Countries of origin of the minors, including some Countries that have positively inverted the trend as, for example, Colombia and Peru.
Generally the profiles of adoptive couples confirm an upward trend of the mean age, and a high cultural and socio-economic level; as for the profiles of the minors, the age class mostly represented is the one between 5 and 9 years of age, with a slight prevalence of males (53%) over females.

Lastly, another important fact worthy of mention refers to the high number of minors with one or more special needs (over 60% of the total). This datum, on the one hand testifies better than any other the subsidiary function of international adoption, a value which the institution of adoption has increasingly consolidated in time, and on the other hand is evidence of the importance of territorial services in their informative and supportive function with regard to adopting families throughout their path.






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